Holistic Natural Healing

Our Treatments - Magipuncture

A non-invasive method of treatment that maximizes the effectiveness overall body wellness.

Magipuncture can initiate chemical reaction which will revive the blood and other organic iron centers from an acidic ferric state to a more alkaline ferrous without using any chemical reactants. With a more alkaline body environment, the revived blood is your own medicine to treat all disorders and maintain body wellness.

Per our Magipuncture teacher, “No treatment is exactly alike as each is customized to the individual. This treatment is not designed for a lifetime of dependence, rather a lifetime of independence. Some individuals require multiple treatments to combat the disease process while others receive them annually to ensure wellness.”

Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician, known as the founder of medicine, postulated that an imbalance among the four humors resulted in pain and disease, and that good health was achieved through the balance of the four humors.

What can we treat?

Few of Many...

Autoimmune Disorder


High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

Blood-Related Disease

Liver/Kidney Disease

Overall Wellness